Out of Darkness

We are a group of individuals who have stood up to say that we will not stand by while the vulnerable in our city are trafficked. We must devote the same, and more, energy and resources to stop traffickers as the traffickers devote to see that their industry continues to net billions of dollars each year. Our precious girls, boys, and women are NOT commodities to be bought and sold.

We run a 24/7 hotline with volunteers trained to answer rescue calls. Those volunteers will then activate responders who are trained to make contact with and offer rescue to trafficking victims. Victims will be offered a safe place to stay until they can transition to appropriate restorative services.

It is our desire to work in cooperation and partnership with community organizations, state service providers, private care providers, and law enforcement agencies. We are not looking to compete with or duplicate the efforts of other heroes in the fight against human trafficking. We believe that a specific need exists to provide a round-the-clock response to trafficking victims, and we hope to do our part to fill that need.

Phone: 404-719-4854
Hotline: 404-941-6024
Email: info@outofdarkness.org