Activist Recruitment and Organizing for Metro-Atlanta (A.R.O.M.A.)
AROMA aims to provide a gateway for interested people to begin to discover activism and what it means. We wish to serve as a recruitment agency for social justice movements in the Atlanta area. We strive to reach out to those frustrated with injustice in the world and give them hope by exposing them to the little-known work and legacy of social justice activism. We want to connect potential activists with current activists, organizations and movements.
We commit to support these “new recruits” as they self-direct their exploration of the many ways to engage in activism. We endeavor to help them find their place in today’s movements, and guide them in learning and developing the knowledge and skills necessary to participate fully in making the changes we need in the world.
AROMA seeks to accomplish its goals in several ways:
--helping to maintain an up-to-date online and printed guide and directory of social justice groups and organizations around Atlanta;
--inviting teachers, counselors, pastors, and other community and religious leaders to share our information and services with their networks;
--personally supporting and coaching people new to the movement with a “comrade system”;
--offering “entry point” events as a tailored way for interested people to get their social justice feet wet; and
--providing or facilitating training for people to learn and develop necessary organizing skills for popular movements, so everyone can be a leader
AROMA wishes to make activism a normal part of cultural life in Atlanta so our movements are truly popular and representative of the diversity of our city!